Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial day yard sale scores and winner of book giveaway

vintage marimekko pillow cases 2 for $.75 ea.

hand embroidered packard '48 coupe for my nephew who is obessed with all things train and car related- $1

cool drip-glaze mugs - $1
glass bead necklace from the 40's - $2

I also got a very cool vintage steamer trunk pet carrier with little holes cut out of the side ($2). While I think Crumpet - who is a tad on the, um, stocky side, would likley fall out of the bottom of it, I think it will make a great place to store my stash of scrap fabric.

And now, onto important matters...the winner of this week's book giveaway is Ravenhill!! - send me an e-mail, or DM me on Twitter with your contact details and I'll get the book out to you - hope you enjoy : )

Thank you to everyone who entered and shared their knitting project stories. I enjoyed reading them all. Lots of inspiring stories and cool projects going on.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

memorial day knitting book giveaway

Aviara - ruffled surplus top by Marnie MacLean

Haleakala - Beach Chair by Heather Broadhurst

The Book!
Knitting in the Sun - 32 Projects for Warm Weather by Kristi Porter (Wiley, 2009)

To celebrate the warm weather that seems to have finally arrived, and because the long weekend is so nearly, nearly here, I'm offering a giveaway of a cool new favorite knitting book made specifically for warm weather. The top two images are projects from the book - I'm particularly digging the beach chair. There's also a bunch of sleeveless and short sleeved tops, some summer-weight cardigans, and even a few skirts. A really cute beach hat uses wire in the rim to keep it stiff (so smart!), and a bathing suit that is knitted with cotton-lycra to give it stretch, and encased elastic with criss cross straps, so that you can actually venture into the water without fear of flashing someone inadvertently!

So if you want to enter, post a comment telling me what knitting projects you're working on right now (or procrastinating on, or hoping to do, or wishing you knew how to get the idea).
I'll announce the winner next week!